Sneak Peek

Calling all 7th and 8th graders -- come try out high school for a day!

We're excited to have you come and visit -- please register for our annual Sneak Peek event on Wednesday, May 5, 2021.

Be an Eagle for a Day

You’ll have fun visiting classes, meeting teachers, and learning what what it’s like to be a student at Rocky Mountain Lutheran.

You'll also get to meet other potential RML students!


Our RML Sneak Peek program starts at 9:10am but we encourage students to arrive by 8:50am so they can check in and get a tour. No need to send a lunch as we will be providing pizza for the students. Sneak Peek ends at 2:20pm and we ask that parents pick up their students by 2:30pm. Hope to see you there!


What is RML Sneak Peek?

It’s a dedicated day at RML for 7th graders (and 8th graders who didn't attend last year) to experience high school in a fun and interactive way with their peers.

What should I wear?

Most kids wear what they usually wear to school, there are no special requirements or any activities that require special attire.

Are parents able to attend?

No, this event is just for students, but we have other opportunities for parents to come with or without their student for a visit. Please check out our website and sign up for a tour.

What will the students do?

The day starts off checking in at the front desk and then a tour with a student. Then students have chapel, then students visit classes, break into smaller groups, get to know some high school students, have some fun, then lunch and visits to a few more classes. Students end with a farewell assembly and parents can pick up their students at 2:20pm.

Who else will be there?

Typically we have about 40 students come. We have students come from local WELS elementary schools and from the community.

What should I bring?

No need to bring anything, and lunch is provided.

If I attended RML Sneak Peek last year, should I come again this year?

No, we recommend students only attend RML Sneak Peek once. Additional personal tours and/or shadow days are also available -- please schedule a tour on our website Admissions page.

What do kids who have attended in the past say about it?

We hear from students that they really appreciate the opportunity to experience RML with their peers, many of whom end up becoming future classmates.

Have other questions?

Call (303) 346-1947 or email