International Students

Below are the steps involved in the International Student Application Process.

Still have questions? Contact our International Director.

Step 1:

Complete initial application for enrollment (found here or request a printed application)

Step 2:

Complete and return subsequent forms and information when they are sent by Rocky Mountain Lutheran (include $200 application fee):

        • Principle or Headmaster Recommendation

        • English Teacher Recommendation

        • English Proficiency Test Results (SLEP, TOEFL, or IELTS)

        • Proof of Sufficient Funds (copy of a bank statement showing that parents or sponsors have ability to pay for one full year of student's education at Rocky Mountain Lutheran High School)

        • Copy of Passport

Step 3:

International Director schedules a Skype (video chat) interview with the student.

Step 4:

The Rocky Mountain Lutheran (RML) admissions team reviews the application. If the student is accepted, you will receive an email with the acceptance letter. Upon receiving the email, the student/family should send the $2000 USD enrollment fee to reserve their place.

Step 5:

Upon receiving the $2000 USD enrollment fee, RML will send an enrollment packet containing the following:

        • Acceptance Letter (original hard copy)

        • I-20 Form from RML

        • A financial statement

        • A "Next Steps" information sheet and required registration forms

Step 6:

Student applies for US Visa. Please see your USA embassy or consulate website to learn about required documentation. Necessary documentation commonly includes:

        • Valid passport

        • School acceptance letter from RML

        • I-20 form sent by RML

        • Financial statement from RML

        • Proof of $200 USD payment for SEVIS I-901 fee (after completing the DS-160 form)

        • Proof of financial support

        • Documents demonstrating strong financial, social, and family ties to your home country that will compel you to return to your country after your program of study in the US ends

Step 7:

When a visa is granted, please inform Rocky Mountain Lutheran immediately to proceed with final steps!

Step 8:

Complete the full registration process:

        • Copy of Immunization Records

        • Copy of Student Visa

        • Signed Medical Authorization

        • Set up Tuition Payment Plan

        • Signed Financial Support Document

Step 9:

Schedule travel arrangements with school's International Coordinator and host family.