Host Families

What is a host family?

A host family is a household that has partnered with Rocky Mountain Lutheran (RML) to provide the very best care for international students.

We consider these "families" to be necessary in the development of our international students on four important levels: intellectually, emotionally, physically, and spiritually.

While a student is in their care, host families are expected to provide top-quality care for their physical needs, oversight in schoolwork, and guidance in adjustment to life in the United States. Additionally, host families are responsible for a student's transportation, and overall well-being while in attendance at RML.

All host families at RML have gone through complete and thorough background checks to ensure maximum safety and support for international students. Much time and care are taken so that we can match students with the most suitable host family for them.

What can you expect from your host family?

A Rocky Mountain Lutheran (RML) host family will provide the following:

        • A comfortable, stable atmosphere for their student to thrive physically, academically, and emotionally

        • The skills, time, and care to help their student adjust to a new life and new school in a new country

        • Regular communication with the school, to ensure that their student is meeting academic standards (and to help with adjustments when necessary)

        • Rides to and from the airport, school, sports, and other RML activities

        • Food and a home setting in which efforts are made to accommodate, when possible, each student's tastes and individual needs

        • Supervision over their student's use of technology, money, and other belongings

        • Regular communication with their student's natural families, including written updates and photos

        • Efforts to help immerse their student in American culture and the English language, as they also seek to learn about their student's unique culture and heritage